Are getting married
on June 15th, 2024

Illustration of Lisa and Austin’s cats.

Wedding Information


Guests Arrive:


Ceremony Starts:


Cocktail/Mocktail Hour:






Denver Botanic Gardens
1007 York St,
Denver, CO 80206

After Party:

The Klee House
3770 Walnut St,
Denver, CO 80205


Instead of the traditional dinner service, we’ll be delighting in a sumptuous brunch spread. Imagine sipping on mimosas, indulging in both sweet and savory favorites, and toasting to new beginnings under the soft morning light. Let’s make our first meal as a married couple memorable, laid-back, and filled with the foods we love.

Mini Quiche
Assorted mini quiche such as florentine, southwestern, and quiche lorraine

Chicken & Waffles
Fried chicken nugget atop mini waffle served with maple syrup shooter

Smashed avocado bruschetta with blistered cherry tomatoes, crumbled feta & everything bagel seasonings

Potato Latkes
Potato pancakes made from grated potatoes, onions and eggs

French Toast
French toast sticks served with shot of maple syrup

Smoked Salmon
Smoked salmon and creme fraiche canape topped with lemon zest


Summer Garden Chic:
Think light, airy fabrics in light colors and floral patterns that complement the natural beauty of our garden setting. While we’re keeping things elegant, formal wear like ties and heavy suits can be left at home. Feel free to dress comfortably and stylishly, embracing the joy and casual elegance of summer.


Honeymoon Fund
If you wish to contribute to our journey of discovery and adventure, a monetary gift towards our honeymoon fund would be deeply appreciated.

Illustration of paint brushes.

Our Story

In the bustling corridors of the Creative Arts Center at West Virginia University, a serendipitous moment unfolded when Lisa first caught sight of Austin. She noticed him in a shared space retrieving his art supplies during one of her classes. This initial sighting sparked a curiosity in Lisa, setting the stage for a series of casual yet meaningful encounters between the two. They would often cross paths in the hallways, exchanging glances and small talk, and occasionally bump into each other at the recreational center. Austin was captivated, drawn to her curiosity and passion for the very interests that consumed his own life. He observed her beauty more and more but quietly harbored the belief that she was beyond his reach. Little did he know she was feeling a similar way about him.

Lisa, emboldened by a growing interest, decided to take a leap of faith. Through a mutual acquaintance, she acquired Austin’s phone number and made the first move, reaching out via text. It wasn’t long before Austin, feeling a magnetic pull towards Lisa, invited her out on a date.

Their first date was a quaint and cozy affair at Austin’s apartment. He remembers feeling dumb for not planning something more elaborate, yet, it was the simplicity of watching movies together that lent an air of authenticity to their connection. In a comical mishap, Austin’s nerves got the better of him, leading to an accidental order of 10 pizzas through an online app. This lighthearted blunder only added to the charm of their evening, serving as a memorable anecdote in the narrative of their relationship’s beginning.

The two made things official in June of 2015 and they began navigating through life’s challenges hand in hand. They navigated the complexities of schoolwork, jobs, and social commitments together, offering mutual support for studying, staying motivated and inspired, and savoring life’s precious moments. Their bond was fortified not just by love, but through shared experiences, laughter, and dreams. Sundays were reserved for their beloved Brew Pub in Morgantown, WV, a ritual of camaraderie and joy with friends who quickly became family. Deciding to move in together just six months into their relationship was a testament to their commitment and a leap towards building a future together. In 2016, Austin surprised Lisa with Dusty, their first cat, marking him as their cherished initial addition to the family. Dusty has been a constant companion through all their adventures since. Each move, each milestone, each new beginning, marked their journey from individuals to a unified duo, crafting a life filled with love, support, and shared goals.

Their adventure took a bold turn in 2019 when they uprooted their lives and moved to Denver, Colorado. The initial isolation in a new city was daunting and they began questioning the very foundation of their decision. Yet, as with every challenge before, they found strength in each other and soon wove themselves into the fabric of a new community, rich in creativity and friendship. Denver brought growth, not just in their surroundings but in their hearts. Then, a few years later, Onyx joined their household, bringing with him a joyful and quirky spirit that has not only brought laughter into their lives but also warmed the once grumpy heart of Dusty.

Lisa and Austin’s story is a testament to the beauty of taking chances, the strength found in partnership, and the magic of a shared life. It’s a narrative of love, laughter, and the art of building a future together, against the backdrop of both challenges and triumphs. The two share the dream of dedicating themselves full-time to their respective creative ventures and envision starting a family grounded in creativity, passion, and love. This marriage signifies the commencement of a new chapter in their shared journey, and they are both overwhelmingly grateful to have found each other.

— Lisa Osborne & Austin Isinghood
Illustration of flowers.